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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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county heading across the bay. we have had a couple more popcorn variety. the main mine is still out to the west. that is a nasty thunderstorm up around northeast maryland. it was a real nasty storm out in ocean city. there is the line that is coming through elkin. it will break up a bit as we go through the evening. what is left of it will be around 10:00, 11:00 coming through the washington area. as the weather front will be hanging around as with so much moisture in the error, tomorrow once again as we get into the evening the risk of damaging winds and also the possibility of flash flooding tomorrow before big changes come our way for the weekend. >> thank you very much. we want to remind you when we
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are not on you can log onto for the most up-to-date weather conditions. you can put in your zip code for a forecast targeted to where you live. >> the cleanup is under way in one neighborhood that was hard hit by the storm. even as residents are still recovering. it one block stretch of arcadia place is showing the signs of a difficult summer. overnight this oak tree came crashing down on two different homes. trees have crushed cars. some of the homes lost power for six days are in the dark again. >> there was a tree down on 31st street, there is a tree down on utah. they're constantly falling. i think it needs to be considered what the long-term effect is going to be. >> most of the trees have been removed and a pepco crew is on site. hope to have power restored by later tonight. there is growing outrage from
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customers upset with pepco over the response. tonight pepco executives were forced to answer questions surrounding their response. brad bell is live with feeling frustration and pepco's response to it. >> there is a lot of anger and frustration and we did see it today. the county council call for a briefing from the head of pepco. the briefing turned into a lecture from the politicians. >> community activist from a number of neighborhoods helped to pack the council chamber to send a message. >> we have a failing infrastructure and we need somebody to respond to this. >> a couple of dozen people showed up for the post storm briefing. the citizens were not permitted to speak but the head of the public service commission and the president of pepco did here strong words from the politicians in the room.
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>> the problem is pepco's set of values. valley's their shareholders and executives and other customers. >> do not give them a rate increase. >> both men said they understand the criticism but shot back that oversight from the public service commission and performance from pepco are improving. he climbs the utility is getting more reliable but nobody can plan for a ratio. >> it with the frustration is of our customers. i also know that an overhead system cannot withstand that kind of force. >> mostly they want action to replace. >> they have to have a better friend. it will not happen in a year but it is a start. >> there is a bizarre moment in the hearing. he was asking himself a
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rhetorical question. is it reasonable for people to be upset not having power for five or six days? he said no. the chair said is that want you wanted to say. half an hour later he said, i need a mulligan. of course it is reasonable for people to be upset. there were an awful lot of snickers in the room. if he thought virginia was getting a lot of attention in the race, buckle your seat belts. new poll numbers have the race as close as it can be and both candidates will step up their efforts in the old dominion. scott thuman with the impact of both campaigns. >> we are seeing what would appear to be a shift for mitt romney. president obama 1 va by six points in 2008. if these new figures are
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accurate, this time around may be a tougher fight. it is a match up with two and on a collision course and virginia is the battlefield. in light of new polling that shows barack obama was leading mitt romney by 8 points, five in june. this month it is dead evening -- did even. >> i think it will be really nasty and dirty. >> nasty indeed. >> he plans to get things like job training and financial aid for college. >> he has done 106 fund raisers over the last six months. the job he is protecting is his own. >> old dominion will get a heavy dose of it. they have only spent more money and ohio and florida. >> i am already sick of it.
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>> for virginians it is a turnoff. president obama hammered over health-care has seen his unfavorable ratings grow from 44 to 48. when it comes to dollars and since, few issues divide virginians more than the bush era tax cuts. 88% want taxes to go up for households making 250,000 up. only 33% of republicans. >> i suppose this means more campaign and advertising but it also means an election where both candidates in virginia are under water. they generate more dislike than like. one of them is going to win the white house, neither will get elected prom king. >> thank you very much. these new poll numbers are giving us a look at the senate
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race. for the first time this year we are seeing george allen ahead of tim kaine but not by much. allen is up 46% to 44% which is a statistical dead heat. in march he was losing bias -- 3 points, also a statistical dead heat. >> tonight we will tell you loopholes that allow people on the no-fly list into flight school. cox ford says owners of some vehicles should
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, , for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start.
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glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. >> middle east tensions are rising in a bombing that left five israelis dead. the attacks were blamed by the prime minister on their ron banged it. one media outlet has identified the bomber as a swedish national and a former guantanamo bay detainee released in 2004. >> flight school security loopholes. more than one decade after the 9/11 attacks people on the no- fly list and people without
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background checks can go to flight school. rebecca cooper joins with details on why the loopholes of not being closed. >> their bring -- there is growing outrage over the report. why foreign students are receiving pilot licenses without the required background checks and why no background checks are required for americans even those not allowed to board commercial airlines. the government says they cannot keep up with the request. >> you go through it every time you fly. since 9/11 when these al qaeda terrorists attacked the u.s., security checks are supposed to keep bad guys from flying the planes. a new report shows foreign students are giving in to -- getting into the flight schools without a background check. they are not supposed to get there if pilot's license without a check but the record shows many slept through the system.
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once the students know how to fly the planes, the threat is there even without an actual license. for american citizens no black -- no background check is required. they are still allowed to fly as a pilot. >> would you are proposing is we should be looking at anyone and everyone who wants to take training regardless of their status. >> even if more money and screening can entirely fix the problem, literally more needs to be done. " i think it is worth spending some money trying to keep it from happening. i am sure nobody wants another 9/11. >> it is good we know the problem. that is one thing that is encouraging. >> we spoke to managers at flight schools and they say tsa inspect the school's three or four times a year and has strict rules about who is allowed to receive a license.
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they said it is up to tsa to make sure the background checks are conducted. >> coming up next, the players had their way at the british open today. wait until you see what the teen usa basketball team did.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ry ney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves ofof grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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>> words of a recall from ford. it is urging owners to stop driving the cars immediately. the recall involves vehicles equipped with a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine. ford says there is a defect in the fuel line that can cause a fire. they will provide a loaner vehicles and the repairs take about one hour. >> the transit agency warns there will be do a major track work this weekend on the red green, blue, and orange lines.
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it will continue after the system closes on sunday. on the red line buses will be replacing trains between grosvenor and friendship heights. writers should expect delays of up to 30 minutes. >> the big thing today is, six degrees below where it was yesterday. saturday, 20 degrees below where it is now. >> 20 degrees. we might actually walked out the door. >> this was a great picture. ocean city, they had a ferocious storm. look at the rainbow out over the ocean. is that not something? our high temperature today we made it up to the 90's again. our high temperature 95 degrees on the ford board. this was the 13th 95 degree day
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in washington. remember how hot last july was? friends in st. louis, 102 degrees. right now in st. louis, all of this moisture i think it will be the source and feel for more heavy showers tomorrow and possibly localized flooding because of what will be happening in the atmosphere. there is the line of showers and thundershowers will out to our west. that will continue to come our way. it is a bit of lightning but nothing like we saw last night. here is the pop of variety for you folks in the blue ridge. there is the leading edge of the stuff i should do from west virginia that will be coming through 9:00, at 10:00, 11:00. here is the storm from ocean
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city that showed the great rambo. look at this. that is the outflow of those storms that is right now moving around and heading out toward parts of the eastern shore. folks out over the eastern shore will be seeing a breeze coming from severe storms that earlier were around ocean city. during the early morning hours partly cloudy skies. stick around tomorrow morning. our low temperature only in the 70's. as we go through the mid morning to early afternoon, there will be a scattering of showers across northern maryland. some of them could be heavy enough to cause localized flooding. temperatures tomorrow will be into the mid 80's. and a friend settles to the south that but it saturday. temperatures here in washington, only into the 70's. even if you are heading up to
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the beaches. tomorrow will be in the low 80's. a break in the heat wave coming. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the national's had a bit of a problem this afternoon. >> that happens. there is no crying in baseball. they manhandled gio gonzalez. let me tell you the nationals still out hit new york 14-11. he takes gonzales into the o zone. gio lasted only 10 out. they were down 9-1 but fought back. the fans were going crazy but harper under it just a hair. the national's lose 9-5 but the
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battle. the orioles and the twins, this is the eighth inning. everybody is running for baltimore. the orioles beat the twins this afternoon for-3. boy, did they needed that win. the golf course was defenseless today. no rain, and no wind. guys were taking their sweaters off this morning. the rain came in the afternoon. adam scott, the first-round leader. he had eight birdies. if he did not make a couple of mental errors he could have shaved a few more off. tiger woods birdied four of his holes. he shoots a strong 67, three shots back. our shot of the day comes from nicholas coser. -- colsarts.
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it's like it has eyes. this thing is tracking in the whole. that is an ego. the story of the day was adams got who is the first round leader. -- that is an eagle. >> i did a good job of that. now i have my work cut out for me for the next couple of days to keep myself in a similar position. >> the usa basketball team is on the other side of the pond. they are the favorite to win the gold. who knows, you saw brazil. they all have nba guys. the first half carmelo anthony with a steal. russell westbrook. usa was up 21-15. usa cruises 118-78.
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just one day after rgiii signed with the skins andrew colt signed with the colts. it is fully guaranteed. >> it will get them through christmas anyway.
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approve this message. [ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health caree should be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female annnnouncer ] for women planned parenthood m means life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services. but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. >> you can see the shower start to poke up to the west. i think you will see some as to go through the evening hours. tomorrow more serious heavy rain. with saturday i think the high temperature in the mid 70's. >> we might actually go outside.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brot


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